Some Fun Things Boy Scouts Do

Did you know that Tintin (the comic character) was based on a scout? Boy scouts all over the world are known for the adventurous outdoor activities that they partake. They participate in challenging activities and games that test their abilities in a fun way. Read on to find what activities they take part in. They are ranked based on their performance in these camps.

Camping is by far the most popular scouting activity. When camping, troops are left in the natural world on their own. They have limited resources. This challenge tests on their ability to work together as a team. It teaches the Boy Scout to rely on himself. Typical camps last anywhere between two and five days.

Adventures in the wilderness are always fun.  This is where scouts go for a guided tour in remote locations. They have to trek for about a week. They participate in a wide array of outdoor activities that include hiking, rafting, and backpacking.

Day hikes – here, troops go hiking on rugged terrains. These hikes are usually no longer than a day or two.

Performing community projects – One of the scout’s codes of conduct is that they live to help other people. In honor of this promise, they participate in humanitarian activities that include donating food to hunger stricken areas and building shelters. These projects take a full day.

Patrol activities – Patrols are the foundation of a scout’s troop. Each patrol is made up of boys of a similar age group that has common interests. One patrol troop may choose to camp with the other patrols. Sometimes, patrols hike and camp on their own when the scoutmaster allows them. These patrols are useful in promoting leadership at a tender age.

Boy scouts’ activities play a big role in teaching teamwork. Even if not all scouts participate in the competitive sports events, fellow members of the troop cheer them. The scout movement focuses on team building activities that promote responsibility and nurture self-esteem in a fun way.